Setting Up:

• Setting up your company
• Online banking setup
• Credit card setup
• Moving around and finding what you
• Importing from other flatforms

Accounting World Statements:

• financial statements dashboard view
• Set up the chart of accounts
• Set up and use subaccounts
• chart of accounts error repair
• journal entries- King of the Accountant

Expense Transactions:

• Accounts payable for pay bills entries
• Checks (printed and hand-written)
• ATM withdrawals and electronic fund transfers
• Debit card and credit card charges
• Vendor credits
• Expense list and other expense reports

Sales Transactions:

• recording sales
• Estimates/proposals
• The invoicing cycles
• Invoicing for billable time and/or expenses
• Cash receipts
• Receiving payments and making deposits
• Delayed charges
• Credit memos
• Customer statements
• The income lists and sales reports

Special Transactions:

• Online Banking:
• Learn when and how to "add", "match" and "exclude"
•Process downloaded transactions, reconciliation,   discrepancies.
• reconciliation errors
• down payments/deposits
• Void vs. delete a check
• Handle bounced checks (NSF)
• Write off bad debt and underpayments
• The Petty Cash or endorsed checks accounts

Set Up and Pay Employees:

• Set up employees, deductions and company contributions
• Enter prior payrolls
• Set up company payroll preferences
• Track and invoice time
• Process paychecks
• Make tax deposits
• Make non-tax payments (health insurance, etc.)
• Use payroll reports

Advance Reporting:

• Customize Reports
• Columns: add, reorder, delete, and resize
• Filter and format
• Create new headers and footers
• Save Customizations
• Create report groups
• Automatically email report groups on a set schedule

Accounting Tasks:

• Close the books
• Add your accountant
• Protect your accounting data
• Set up users with different permissions
• Assign access rights and user levels
• Track changes and who made them (audit log)

Advanced Transactions:

▪ Inventory
▪ Set up inventory in QuickBooks Online
▪ Purchase orders, receive items, adjust inventory

Tips & Tricks:

• Special browser tricks to speed up data entry
• Clean up lists (delete, hide and merge)

Save Time:

• Keyboard shortcuts
• Set up recurring transactions

Customize QuickBooks Enterprise:

▪ Create custom invoices and other forms
▪ Add logos and custom fields to forms

Enterprised Advance Inventory with Pick-Pack-Ship Process

Working with scanners, documents and  and warehouse app

ADVANCE course is 5 hour course and 1 hour workshop

Price is $500