Barcode scanning in QuickBooks digest  

Safe valuable time during inventory entrees and counts using a single line or 2D imager bar code scanner.  QuickBooks Point of Sales   and QuickBooks Enterprise offers full support for inventory solution but limited in QuickBooks Online.   If you are in a retail sales or wholesale distribution environment, chances are that you are using one of these devices.

A line scanner works with QuickBooks Online on limited basis. Plug the scanner to your computer and scan a SKU or UPC code to deliver the number to any of the blank spaces in QuickBooks Online, but you you need to force the returned key (Enter) if you want any of the other field information like description to propagate in the invoice. There is a video post with a demonstration at The Boss Keeper.

Wireless Sync to QuickBooks Online to your physical POS

There is an option to synchronize inventory scanned with a barcode scanning using an Point of Sale from QuickBooks. The new version 19 provides a inventory synchronization process. This option links your POS and QB Online maintaining sales orders, invoices and inventory item data both ways. Anything scanned in the POS will be available in QB Online.

But this option has a price tag. First, yo need to get a QB POS license, hardware for your point of sale and scanner. Following this, yo need a E-Commerce website with full inventory functionality.  Using an available Connector will synchronize your orders with your online shopping cart, QB Online and the POS.

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